Our Worldview

For clients that believe buildings should be handed over fully functional and optimized, CDML share your worldview. CDML believe in client advocacy and delivering buildings that actually work. For us, completion is not just a word, it is a concept that has to be investigated with the brightest of lights, to ensure completion means fully functional and optimized.

We act seamlessly with our clients, creating clear, grounded and actionable solutions, which we plan, manage and deliver. We begin with the end in mind, generating results not reports.

The Firm

  • Established December 2008
  • Healthy year on year growth since
  • Directors are fully invested emotionally and financially
  • Redefining commissioning in Canada
  • Redefining delivery and presentation of building manuals in Canada with our digital building manuals tool (CDML Converge)

How We Are Different

This can be summed up in three ways:

  • Client advocacy - we align ourselves with the clients objectives and begin with the end in mind
  • Commissioning management - the only way to deal with global systems integration testing
  • Independent commissioning - commissioning is our core business, not an “add service”

CDML has an embedded “culture of integrity with problem solving for clients in the most pragmatic and beneficial way”

Reasons to Hire CDML

  1. Largest independent Commissioning firm in Canada
  2. Independent - not part of a larger multi service firm - Commissioning is our core business, we are focused
  3. Multi disciplined - we do not go outside and use third parties to deliver our services
  4. NEBB Certified in 2016
  5. An outcome based approach, results not reports
  6. Risk management approach
  7. Multi sector and international experience
  8. Technical Commissioning not just process commissioning
  9. Leaders in whole building integrated systems testing
  10. Holistic, whole building approach
  11. Focus on design project phases to reduce project costs and risk
  12. An educational approach to reduce confrontation and resistance to commissioning by project team
  13. Reduced call backs on completed projects
  14. Reduced building operating costs
  15. Reduced RFI’s and change orders
  16. Improved building IAQ and comfort
  17. Increased equipment life cycles
  18. Client advocacy is our core approach
  19. Senior staff have over 200 years of combined commissioning experience
  20. We are accountable to our clients