Cx Management


Commissioning management ensures a planned, organized, scheduled, auditable and accountable approach to the commissioning process. It is essential to ensure buildings are handed over fully functional and optimized with all the necessary evidentiary paperwork in place.

Commissioning management is a combination of technical project management and technical whole building commissioning. It is normally beyond the skill sets of full time project managers and process commissioning specialists.

Why is commissioning management required? Because there is often a gap between client expectations, design intent and performance outcomes. Further the rigid separation between construction and operation means that many buildings are handed over in a state of poor operational readiness. Clients sometimes accept buildings at handover with unidentified deficiencies whose systems work as specified, but do not work optimally or as expected. Commissioning management and technical commissioning address these issues with project management and risk management techniques.

Commissioning management activities include:

  • Preparing co-ordinated commissioning schedules and logic networks
  • Monitor the installations during construction
  • Organizing and chairing meetings in respect to commissioning
  • Start-up and commissioning witnessing
  • Factory testing witnessing
  • Quality assurance
  • Co-ordination of performance testing
  • Collation of all commissioning and test results
  • Co-ordination and facilitating client tuition
  • Certification of commissioning completion

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